Why Am I Here?

I’ve tried blogging for years but never stayed with it long. I’d get sidetracked on setting up my site, fiddling with themes trying to find one that satisfied me, and figuring out how to automatically send my posts to Facebook and Twitter. I’d also obsess over what to write about. I felt like my blog needed to be about a specific topic, or multiple predefined topics. That would lead me back to setting up my site. If I was going to write about multiple topics, should I devote one day of the week to each topic? Should I use categories or tags to organize my posts?

Let’s not get into the time I spent trying to think up a clever name for my site and finding a domain name.

I was doing everything but writing. I’d write a few posts and stop.

I enjoy writing but never developed the discipline to do it on a regular basis. When I wasn’t blogging I would try keeping a personal journal but I never stayed with it.

Then I read this post on Seth Godin’s blog. With everything he does – writing books, podcasting, creating educational content, and public speaking, to name a few – he still finds time to post something every day. He inspired me to try again.

Ultimately I’m here for me. I feel the need to write, so I’m going to write. I hope that you’ll be here with me and get something out of it too. Thanks.