Perception is Everything

A friend told me about a recent experience at a fast food restaurant. She asked for extra mayonnaise on her burger. The person taking her order went to the kitchen. She overheard them say “Give the bitch extra mayonnaise.”

She spoke to the manager, who apologized, gave her a discount on her purchase, and spoke to the employee privately. The manager came back and told my friend that the employee was calling the burger a bitch, not her. That’s a pretty flimsy explanation, but even if it’s true, my friend still left with a negative perception of her experience.

Our words and actions matter. They can be misinterpreted, but usually there’s a reason for that misinterpretation that we can trace back to ourselves. When we do something that offends someone, it’s almost always better to apologize and try to make things right without trying to justify or explain why we did what we did.