2018 Review: An Introduction

Tomorrow I’m starting my 2018 review. For the next seven days I’ll examine different areas of my life and think about how well I took care of each one.

When I think about my life and what I’m trying to accomplish I use the following goal categories, in priority order:

  1. Personal Well Being: This involves how well I take care of my mental, physical, and spiritual needs. It comes first because if I don’t take care of myself I can’t take care of anyone or anything else.
  2. Family: Next comes my family, starting with my children and moving out to my extended family.
  3. Relationships: My friends. Did I build new friendships? Did I maintain existing friendships?
  4. Fun and Recreation: How I spend my free time, and how much free time I give myself.
  5. Finances and Legal: How I manage my money and my legal affairs.
  6. Career: How I’m advancing my career. (Note: This does not include work projects.)
  7. Possessions: How I take care of things I own, from my home to my personal property.

My goal categories are based on Zig Ziglar’s goal categories: Career, Family, Financial, Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. They map like this:

My Categories Mapping to Ziglar Categories
01 – Personal Well Being Mental
02 – Family Family
03 – Relationships Social
04 – Fun and Recreation  
05 – Finances and Legal Financial
06 – Career Career
07 – Possessions  

Tomorrow I’ll review how I did in 2018 with Personal Well Being. See you then.