2018 in Review Day 2: Family

2018 was a busy year for my family. My younger daughter moved in with me at the beginning of the year, halfway through her junior year of high school. That involved moving from one city to another and a transfer to a new school. She navigated the change well, and I believe I was able to give her the love and support she needed.

My older daughter got married in October and my new son-in-law joined the Army in November. Based on the feedback I’ve received from them I believe I’ve played a positive role in their lives.

I have a large and somewhat complicated extended family, but we all get along well. I have good relationships with everyone. There are a couple that could use some improvement – I’ll talk more about that when I look ahead to 2019.

My maternal grandmother passed away in February. She was the last of her generation. She was an important person to me and I’m grateful for her.

My niece had her first child this year. She’s the first of her generation. I hope I can be an important person to her.

Overall grade: A