2018 in Review Day 4: Fun and Recreation


I smoke a few cigars a week at my local cigar lounge. I’ve met some good people and built some strong relationships during this social time.


I enjoy tabletop games and role-playing games. I ran a 1930s pulp fiction campaign that broke up in 2017 and I’ve struggled to find a new gaming group this year. Maybe in 2019…

Video Games

I played a lot of games in 2018, including:

Movies and Television

I don’t go to many movies; I tend to watch them when they come out for rental. I also don’t have cable. I watch programs on subscription services like Hulu and Netflix or purchase them. This year I enjoyed:


I’ve always loved to read. I enjoyed the following books in 2018:

Comic Books

I’ve always loved comic books too. This year I enjoyed:


I always read:


If you’re interested in what I’m listening to you can check out my default playlist on iTunes.


My favorite podcasts of the year were:


I know what I like, which is good. Sometimes I spend too much time having fun and not enough time on tasks that need to get done, which needs improvement.

Overall grade: B