2018 in Review Day 5: Finances and Legal

My net worth decreased by 5% in 2018. The value of my assets increased by 1% – my investments weathered the recent downturn in the stock market reasonably well, and the losses I experienced there have been offset by a significant increase in my home’s value.

My liabilities increased by 16%. Almost all of that is because my older daughter graduated from college in 2017, so I began paying her student loans.

The biggest financial challenge I face is liquidity. I need to spend less so I can keep more cash on hand and pay down debt.

One of the larger expenses I had this year was legal fees to renegotiate my custody agreement with my ex. That had to be done because my younger daughter moved out of her mom’s house and in with me at the end of 2017. That was a good thing, but it was also costly. My younger daughter graduates from high school this year, so that should eliminate the need for any future agreement changes.

Overall grade: C