Goals Progress: Week 4 in Review

Week 4 in Review
Sunday, December 23 – Saturday, December 29

Highlights from last week
I wrote every day. I got back on track with my eating, exercising, and meditation later in the week.

What got in the way / What didn’t work?
I let traveling and celebrating the holidays interfere with eating healthy, exercising, and meditating. I’m willing to excuse the eating interference because it’s the holidays and I didn’t gain any weight. I’m somewhat willing to excuse not exercising because it can be harder to do while you’re traveling (but I managed to do it on Day 1). There’s no excuse for not meditating.

What I learned from what didn’t work:
Regardless of circumstances I can choose whether to work on my goals. If I choose not to then I should acknowledge that choice, not beat myself up about it, and focus on today.