2019 Goals Day 1: Personal Well-Being

Happy New Year! For the next week I’ll be posting my goals for the year, using my 7 areas of focus. Today I’ll talk about my personal well-being goals.

Lose 50 pounds

I made a good start on weight loss late in 2018 by eating better and exercising on a regular basis. I’m going to continue that this year. If I can lose 50 pounds then I’ll be close to my target weight.

Start attending church again

I haven’t been to church in over a year. It’s another habit I need to reinstate. I need fellowship as part of my spiritual life.

Find a meditation group

Meditating is a big part of my mental and spiritual well-being. I need the support of others to improve my practice.

Improve my writing

I’ve established a habit of posting here every day. Now I want to improve the quality of my posts. In February I’m starting a 12 week program to improve my writing. More on that as the date approaches.

Tomorrow I’ll post my 2019 goals for my second area of focus: Family.

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