2019 Goals 2 Day 2: Family

2018 was a busy year for my family and 2019 looks to be the same. Here are my family goals for the year.

Prepare my younger daughter for college

My younger daughter starts college in the fall. She’s been accepted to the school of her choice, so she and I need to plan and execute what needs to be done between now and then, such as lining up financial aid, getting her registered in her dorm and for classes, attending orientation, buying what she needs, etc.

Continue to support my older daughter and son-in-law

My son-in-law joined the Army in late 2018 with the goal of becoming a member of the Special Forces. He’s in training right now and will be for most of 2019. My job is to give him and my daughter any support they need during that time.

Improve relationships with selected family members

I have relationships with a couple of extended family members that I need to improve. They’re not bad, but they could be better.

Tomorrow I’ll share my goals for my third are of focus: Relationships.