DIY or Buy

Earlier this week I hired someone to re-stain my deck. It’s going to cost me quite a bit, but I’ve been putting off doing it myself for almost two years now, and I finally decided that 1) I’m not going to do it, 2) if I did I wouldn’t do it as well as a professional, and 3) by the time I bought everything I’d need to do it, I probably wouldn’t save that much money.

This is one of those decisions that puts my 2019 goals and areas of focus at odds. I have a goal to reduce debt this year, and spending money on my deck goes against that. On the other hand, if I keep putting off the work, it’s possible that the sun and weather will start to damage my deck, meaning it’ll cost more in the long run to maintain it. Last but not least, I’m better at financial management than I am at deck maintenance, so I’m going with my strengths.

Sometimes we have to make hard choices. It’s better to do that than not do anything. In this case that would have been the worst choice.