Rethinking My Approach to Planning

Nothing is perfect, final, or fixed in this material world. As soon as we are tempted to believe it is, we’ve probably set ourselves up for disappointment. What we’re truly striving for is the permanence that we can count on, amid all the change and flux. And the most permanent, secure, and stable thing we can possess is a foolproof way to deal with impermanence, insecurity, and surprise.

From Making It All Work by David Allen

I’m a project manager for a software application. My manager has asked me me to work on a long range plan for the app’s features; in other words, create a roadmap for future releases. The obstacle to achieving that is the user community constantly changes their requirements. My manager recognizes the problem as well, but to date neither one of us has figured out how to address it.

I’ve been reading Making It All Work by David Allen. I came across the above excerpt today. It got me thinking about the approach I’ve been taking to planning.

The change isn’t going away. I can’t control that. What I can control is how to plan for and manage the change. This week I’m going to think more about that and see what I can come up with.