28 Days Later

Something is coming—probably within a few days—that’s going to change your world. You don’t see it yet. You don’t know what it’s about. But it’s there, rolling inexorably forward, destined to throw you a curve that you do not expect. It could show up sooner or later—but it will show up. Trust me. Write down these words exactly four weeks from today on your calendar: ‘David Allen said a month ago that something was coming I couldn’t foresee that would affect me significantly.’ Prove me wrong.

David Allen

I wrote this on my calendar on 28 December. For the past few days I’ve been thinking about what happened in January that would qualify as a life changing event. My younger daughter was accepted to the college of her choice, but I expected that. I was invited to a family anniversary party occurring out of town in March. A couple of friends have been dealing with some health problems. But there’s nothing that feel life changing.

Maybe there wasn’t anything. Maybe there was and I’m getting better at taking things like that in stride. It’s important for me not to overthink these things. I appreciate the point that David Allen makes; and I appreciate that I seem to be getting better at managing change.