Pick Four Goals Update

Saturday morning I reviewed my overall progress on my Pick Four Phase 1 goals. I wanted to see how frequently I had been performing my daily tasks.

Friday was my 69th day of the 12 weeks. To date my performance on each goal is:

Goal # Successes % Success
Goal 1: Develop a healthy eating habit 47 68%
Goal 2: Develop an exercise habit 44 64%
Goal 3: Develop a meditation practice 41 59%
Goal 4: Develop a daily writing habit 69 100%

I have no idea how frequently you have to do something for it to qualify as a habit. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy with my progress on these goals – but I can do better.

I’ve decided that my fourth Phase 2 goal is improve my success rate on my Phase 1 goals to at least 75%. My four goals are:

  1. Complete The Artist’s Way program.
  2. Reduce my debt by at least 2%.
  3. Create a side business.
  4. Improve my success rate on my Phase 1 goals to 75%.

The Phase 2 journey starts Sunday, 24 February. I hope you’ll join me.