14 Years of World of Warcraft

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft off and on since 2005. I picked it up shortly after my divorce and dove in hard. It was a difficult time in my life and WoW helped me through it.

I got pretty good at it, too. I wound up in a raiding guild that had a lot of success. But the first expansion changed up the raid rules, which broke up a lot of groups, including mine.

I drifted in and out of the game as the next expansions came out, but I did what a lot of players apparently do now; play through the new content until I hit the new level cap and stop.

When the last expansion came out in August I picked it up and played for a while with my old main (a warlock), but I wasn’t feeling it. I decided to try another class, started a druid, and rediscovered my love of the game.

Maisema, my Night Elf druid

I usually play on the Alliance side, but I enjoyed the class so much that I started a Horde druid as well.

Uistella, my Troll druid

Lots of time has passed since I first played the game. Lots of life. I have no idea of I’ll stick with the game for any amount of time again, but right now I’m having fun.