Action Over Analysis

On 1 February Seth Godin published a blog post called “Data is Expensive.” The key point I took away from it:

…more data isn’t always better. In fact, in many cases, it’s a costly distraction or even a chance to get the important stuff wrong.

Seth Godin

I’ve been guilty on both counts. For me, planning has often been an excuse for not taking action. Yes, planning is important, but if you never execute the plan, then it’s worthless.

In the past I’ve created elaborate tracking and reporting systems for various aspects of my life, only to never use them. What’s the point of having a great exercise tracking system if I never exercise? Not only did I waste my time creating the system, but now it sits there; more clutter, reminding me of how I’m not focused on the right things.

I’m trying to change that. The tracking system is a checklist. The data are marks on the checklist. If it’s a choice between the exercise bike, the meditation chair, or the checklist, I’m choosing one of the first two.