Less In, More Out

Want to lose weight? Burn more calories than you consume. Want to de-clutter your physical space? Get rid of more stuff than you bring in. Same with your digital space.

But what about your head? It’s hard to delete something from your mind. What are you putting in your brain that doesn’t need to be there?

I’m trying to focus more on what information I consume. Other than tweeting links to these posts, I’m not active on social media these days. Recently I’ve gotten into a bad habit of checking the news several times a day. It’s time to stop doing that. It adds no value to my life.

I’ve started wearing headphones and listening to books or podcasts when I’m out somewhere like a coffee shop and there’s not someone I’m talking to. I’d rather hear what I want to hear than have to listen to background conversations. Again, there’s no value there.

It takes more time, energy, and commitment to read a book than it does to check social media, just like it takes more time to prepare and consume healthy food than it does to grab fast food from a drive through and eat on the run. But it’s worth it.