Pick Four Goals Progress: Phase 1 Recap

At the end of the 12 week Pick Four program you’re asked to review what you’ve accomplished, look at how many things you’ve done, and how much you’ve given to others. In that spirit, here’s my recap.

I started this phase of the program on Sunday, 2 December, 2018 and ended it on Saturday, 23 February, 2019. I set four goals for myself:

1. Develop a healthy eating habit
2. Develop an exercise habit
3. Develop a meditation practice
4. Develop a daily writing habit

I was careful in how I worded my goals. For example, I didn’t want to say “Do x every day because 1) I knew I would never do everything every day and 2) I knew that once I missed a day my inner critic would tell me that I failed and I should give up. Instead, I focused on changing and developing habits.

How did I do? Pretty well, I think. There are 84 days in 12 weeks. With four goals, that’s 336 opportunities.

Goal# Successes% Success
Goal 1: Develop a healthy eating habit5869%
Goal 2: Develop an exercise habit4857%
Goal 3: Develop a meditation practice4554%
Goal 4: Develop a daily writing habit84100%
Overall Success23570%

I worked on each habit more often than not. Daily writing was my best work. I posted something to this blog every day. I’ll be the first to admit that not every day was great, but that’s okay. I made the effort.

I ate well almost 70% of the time. I joined Weight Watchers in November and I use their criteria for whether or not I met this goal.

My primary way of exercising is to ride my stationary bike. I’m up to 20 minutes a session, working towards 30. I’m taking it slowly because I don’t want to overextend myself. I’m 55 years old and overweight, not 30 years old and in good shape. I need to act my age

The results of the healthy eating and exercise are evident. When I started the Pick Four program I weighed 252 pounds. As of last Tuesday I weighed 235. I’ve lost 17 out of the 50 pounds I want to lose this year. That’s 34% during 25% of the year, so I’m ahead of schedule.

I’m pleased with the results that I’ve seen from meditation. I think I’m calmer and slower to be irritated or angry. I’ve noticed that over the past two weeks, when I haven’t meditated as much, that those emotions are quicker to surface. It’s another great indicator of what works and motivation to continue.

Finally, I hope that I’ve been able to help others by publicly sharing my journey. I know one person that’s been working on their own goals along with me during this time. I’m grateful for their support. If you’ve gotten something out of this, let me hear from you.