Portable Routines

I’m getting ready to take a short trip. I was going over my packing list and started thinking about what I need to take to support my goals.

  1. Complete The Artist’s Way: Pen and paper.
  2. Reduce debt by 2%: A way to connect to my accounts on the internet.
  3. Create a side business: My current source material, which is an ebook; pen and paper.
  4. Transform Phase 1 Goals into habits – 75% success rate.
    1. Food for healthy eating.
    2. Exercise: Walking shoes and a place to walk.
    3. Meditate: A quiet space.
    4. Write (best case scenario): An internet connection so I can post here.

My current goals are location independent. I don’t have to pack much to support them. I do need to set aside the time and the energy to work on them. That’s my current challenge, but more on that later.