Back to It Tomorrow

It’s 9 PM as I write this. My daughter is getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. I’m getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. I did some more de-cluttering today and went to a local cigar shop, where I visited with some friends that I hadn’t seen for a few weeks.

March was a busy month. My son-in-law completed Army basic training and Airborne school. He and my older daughter are moving to North Carolina, where he’ll go through the Special Forces selection process at Ft. Bragg. My younger daughter had her college orientation. She and I took the past week off (her last high school Spring Break). We visited some family and spent the rest of the time at home.

I had hoped to get back to my goals work this week. I did on some goals, and didn’t on others. I was reminded that I need routine to be successful when I work on goals, and that sometimes it’s okay to set those goals aside and recharge.

I’m looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.