Update: 2019-05-29

I’ve been on an extended break from this blog and from my goals program. My last post was on 16 May. On the 17th I spent some time reassessing my goals. I came up with the following.

I Need to Refocus on My Basic Habits

I thought I had built a solid foundation for eating healthy, exercising, and meditating. Turns out I hadn’t. I need to rededicate myself to these practices.

The Artist’s Way Is Working – in Part

Writing my morning pages has become a daily routine for me; one that I enjoy. I need to get back in the habit of doing the weekly exercises.

Debt Reduction Is an Important Goal – but Not One That Needs Daily Work

The only daily aspect of debt reduction for me right now is to watch what I spend. Beyond that, it’s a matter of paying down debt when funds are available which is twice a month when I get paid. I’m removing this from my list of daily tasks.

Starting a Side Business Right Now Isn’t Realistic

I’m giving my time and attention to too many other things right now to spend time on this. I’m removing it as a goal until those other things are addressed.

Decluttering Is Top of Mind Right Now

I had been a lot of time decluttering and cleaning up around my house. This became more important over the past couple of weeks because I had lots of company over Memorial Day weekend. I’ve made lots of good progress, but I have more to do. I’ve rediscovered that improving my physical surroundings has a positive effect on my well-being. Getting a space organized; cleaning up the lawn and planting new plants; tangible results of physical labor. It’s a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and get exercise.

Where Do I Go from Here?

This is Week 7 of my current 12 week Pick Four Goals cycle. I’m resetting my goals as follows:
Goal 1: Maintain habits for my Personal Well-Being: eat healthy, exercise, and meditate
Goal 2: Work The Artist’s Way Program: write my morning pages and do my weekly exercises
Goal 3: Work on the house or yard: declutter, clean, plant, repair, etc.
Goal 4: Post my progress daily and summarize weekly