Goals Progress: Phase 3 Week 3 in Review


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
21 Jul 22 Jul 23 Jul 24 Jul 25 Jul 26 Jul 27 Jul
Goal 1: Eat healthy N Y Y Y N N N
Goal 2: Exercise N Y Y Y N N N
Goal 3: Meditate N N Y N N N N
Goal 4: Write Y Y Y Y N Y N
Goal 5: Maintain possessions Y Y Y N N N N
Goal 6: Read Y Y Y Y N N N
Goal 7: Post my progress Y Y Y Y N N N

Highlights from Last Week

Not too many. I wrote most days. That was about it.

What Got in the Way / What Didn’t Work?

My doctor increased my diabetes medicine dosage at my last physical. One of the side effects is hypoglycemia, which hit me every day from Thursday – Saturday. It’s manageable but it wears me out. As a result, I didn’t accomplish much, if anything on my goals those days.

What I Learned from What Didn’t Work

I learned that I need to work more on managing my diabetes. I’m trying to eat more and smarter with my medicine to avoid hypoglycemic episodes.

Other Updates