Goals Progress Week 4 / Day 1

Today I made good on my commitment to begin working on my goals again. I didn’t complete all of my goals, but I feel good about what I accomplished.

Goal 1: Complete The Artist’s Way Program

Steps I took to achieve Goal 1: I wrote my morning pages and caught up on my Week 2 exercises.
Is this enough? Yes

Goal 2: Reduce Debt by 2%

Steps I took to achieve Goal 2: I used the monthly payment for my recently closed personal loan to pay down other debt. I scheduled payments on new charges so my overall debt doesn’t increase.
Is this enough? Yes

Goal 3: Create a side business

Steps I took to achieve Goal 3: I completed Day 6 of the Side Hustle program. I decided to try selling Dungeons and Dragons content.
Is this enough? Yes

Goal 4: Transform Phase 1 Goals into Habits

Steps I took to achieve Goal 4: I exercised. I meditated. I posted to my blog. I ate more than I should. I completed 3 of the 4 habits.
Is this enough? Yes

Getting Back on Track

I made some good progress on some of my goals today. The key was getting started. Once I got rolling I kept up my momentum and got a lot accomplished. Now to do the same thing tomorrow.

Zero Motivation

For some reason I’ve had almost motivation to work on my goals this week. I almost didn’t post today as a result, but one thing I’ve maintained is a daily post and I didn’t want to break that chain. I may scrap the week and reset on Sunday. I haven’t decided yet. I do know that I need to get back to my routine, and soon. If you’re still reading my blog, thanks for sticking with me.

Goals Progress: Finding a Gaming Group

One of my goals for the year is to find a new gaming group, I found a game shop not too far from where I live that plays Dungeons and Dragons on Wednesdays so I checked it out. The group was okay, but more importantly, I found out how I can get in touch with other groups that meet at the shop, and how to start my own group if I want. Good start on one of my goals.

Information That Should Exist but Doesn’t

This my boss asked me to pull together information that I discovered didn’t exist, at least not where it was supposed to exist. People hadn’t updated a system that they were supposed to update. I spent the rest of the work day and this evening estimating the information based on secondary sources.

The information is probably good enough, but the question that remains is how to get people to update the system from now on. Making that happen could be more difficult than assembling the information.